Remote Soft skills workshop

Remote Soft Skills workshop « Back to the future » for the Masters students at Rennes School of Business

During this experience, students work as a team and experiment a workshop inspired by the “dragon dreaming” method. This method is used to transform dreams into shared strategies that you will be able to reuse in your work environment.

The purpose of this experiential workshop is to develop collaborative intelligence and abilities to :
✅ Organize more efficiently collective work to reach your common objective,
✅ Develop creativity within your team and collaborate with all the members,
✅ Manage your projects and be in a process of continuous improvement,
✅ Know better yourself, identify your strengths and weaknesses in team work

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Feel free to reuse our work for your own

For the first workshop, click on these links to download :

For the second workshop, click on these links to download :

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Project details

Client Rennes School of Business
Date March 2022
Category Workshop
Participants 333 masters students
Lieu Distanciel

Results with 216 answers to our survey

6.6/10 overall

54% recommend this event to other students

Student feedback

Change the time slot : 9-12 AM // 10 AM 1 PM // 2-5 PM PM on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (it was animated during friday evening or saturday morning during a hard working time)

« Thank you for giving me advices of what to do working on teams in the workplace »

« The workshop gave me an opportunity to work in teams and let me know my role in teams. »

« Get to know myself better in order to improve as a human being »

« The importance of developing soft skills for profesional future. »


Atelier Soft Skills en distanciel
Soft Skills workshop